Sunday, December 13, 2009

love/ law FUCK

Hey good loooking what you got cooking??

You might think i love this song just because you love it too.
I love it cause i love it
and i love the fact that you
love it

Hello lover,
today im marrying that boy who is tough and touches me like if im a toy.
I love you
For nothing, for living
I thought i’d get handed something
the fact is I simply want you

Now and then
this is the end
no thrubbing -just let it low down
Im sick and tired
Im done of living and believing
Mostly believing on true things
Simplisity and honour:

You are a sweet fuck.. or just an animal
I'll pick, lay low,
violate your insides
FUCing animal
Keep pretending
There is nothing true
In any

You are right beneath me
and i can't simply pay attention
Which juice is worth the squeeze? You, me? THIS

I'm writing, its been a year and I've forgotten about myself
and I hate me for it.

Say hello to this brand new

She'll be a sweet fuck, just like you
and she'll diminish
Pay no attention
Get whatever it is that you want
Im just a body
So are you

REALITY is nothing
The pure imagination of an innocent soul
EAT ME! Hate me! I'm nothing


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